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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 1, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. ld story. a high speed chase ends like this in san jose tonight and that's just part of the wild story. >> kpix5's joe vazquez says right now investigators are still trying to sort out exactly what happened. >> reporter: look behind me and you can see all that's left on the scene here is a butcher of a car involved in this -- bumper of a car involved in this bizarre scene. it started around 3:30 this afternoon when family members told a sheriff's department that their loved one, the man driving this white car, was suicidal. after a short police pursuit the man eventually crashed into an suv next to the northbound 101 ramp at tully road.
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the suv rolled causing minor injuries to the two people inside. a sheriff's department not involved in the original -- a sheriff's deputy not involved in the original chase stopped to render aid, but the man jumped around the back of his car, pulled out a rule of and shot himself in the back of the head -- rifle and shot himself in the back of the head. earlier in the day the man was believed to be walking a trail on santa teresa park. sheriff's deputies say that's where they found the man's best friend. >> they located the family dog that was supposedly with this person and the family dog was unfortunately dead. at this point we believe he killed the dog. the crash closed the on and off ramp to 101 at tully road for several hours this evening, but now all roads are cleared. joe vazquez, cbs5. a pair of smoky fire give some south bay homeowners and golfers a scare. the flames broke out in south san jose about the same time there was a second fire at the
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loss lagos golf course -- los lagos golf course 4 miles away. 100 firefighters and two tankers helped get the upper hand in the a hurry. >> 15 fire trucks, sheriff and police and air tankers and helicopters, looks like they did a great job. >> a handful of families were evacuated as a precaution. workers at a nearby ibm research center also left the area. crews saved a couple of homes that were briefly threatened. the fire is 75% contained and this was the scene at the golf course. the flames got a bit close to the 5th tee box, but the golfers played through. that fire is out. firefighters also have to deal with this really hot weather. >> and how. we were up to 105 degrees, san jose in the low 90s, especially with the fact it got windy. high temperatures today show we
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got near record highs, didn't break any, 105 at livermore, 92 in san jose. high pressure that has been over the west coast is finally eroding in the face of a surge of low cloud coming from south, so not as warm tomorrow and the winds abate as well. that is all good news for firefighters, but it will still continue warm, the complete forecast in a few minutes. right now police are looking for a luxury car stolen from a street in palo alto. the price tag? 200 grand. it was a blue 2013 bentley convertible similar to this one. it disappeared in the past month. the bentley was parked in this area of stanford avenue may 28th when the owner went to get it this past friday, it was gone. cars can't be parked on any palo alto street more than 72 hours. police don't know why the owner left it so long but they do say it was not towed.
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tonight a fender bender coming back to haunt oakland's mayor. >> reporter: the accident on june 8th left jean quan's step leased vehicle damaged and the -- city leased vehicle damage and the driver of the other car injured. >> i've never gotten such a runaround. >> reporter: to add insult to injury the woman can't fix her car either. mayor quan she says never showed her her insurance document and despite he repeated requests the may -- despite repeated requests the mayor still has not then to proof of insurance. >> just quit playing -- has not shown proof of insurance. >> just quit playing games and give over your insurance information 6789. >> reporter: quan told me lakisha -- information. >> reporter: quan told me lakisha never even asked for her insurance information. tonight she gave me even more insurance. did you give your insurance?
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>> yeah. she never asked me. i always keep a copy in the glove compartment. >> reporter: by law aren't you supposed to show insurance when you're in an accident with someone? >> i tell them we are self- insured and she should call and she didn't have hers either. i said why don't we just call tomorrow. >> reporter: but her lawyer says you've been holding up the process. >> i haven't been holding it. we just for the a letter and gave it to the city attorney. >> reporter: quan claims the city's vehicle insurance information can be found on the city of oakland's website, but all we found was a standard claim form with no information about oakland's insurance policy. so why not just submit the documentation? >> let the city attorney handle it. tonight muni and its workers he reached a deal on a new -- workers reached a deal on a new contract. the old contract runs out at midnight. we're told the two side agreed on wages and pension. the final votes are in the next
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two weeks. tonight guild college is for sale, its owner in financial trouble and has said it may have to close the end of july. there are campuses in hayward, san jose and con score. tonight religion has won. today the supreme court said some employers cannot be forced to cover contraception if it violates their beliefs. the decision was 5-4 with all the female justices and stephen breyer dissenting. chief justice john roberts was the swing vote. betty yu says the case started when lobby lobby sued. -- hobby lobby sued. >> reporter: hobby lobby has hundreds of stores across the country including this one in morgan hill. today the supreme court said for the first time that businesses can have religious beliefs under federal law. ll businesses are protect ous freedom restor >> i was excited. >> reporter: joan coffman and her husband drove up to celebrate what they call
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today's supreme court blessing. >> absolutely. i got up this morning at 6:00 to go in the living room to watch the news to find out what happened and i'm just sick of the government the way things have been going not listening to people. >> reporter: the high court listening and ultimately sided with the owners of the christian-based chain of arts and craft store. its owners sued the government over the obamacare requirement they pay for certain types of birth control like morning after pills and iuds. they argue their use is the equivalent of abortion. today the court ruled that for profit small businesses are protected by the religious freedom restoration act. >> what the supreme court said is that families do not give up their residence freedom when they open a family business. >> i feel like as just an american it's showing that you did go and still fight for what you believe in. >> reporter: under california law planned parenthood said women will still get contraceptive coverage but it worries about the ruling's
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broad impact. >> it's hard to believe in 2014 we're still fighting issues of the ability of women to be able to make their own decisions in conjunction with their doctor about their personal medical healthcare around birth control. >> reporter: experts say most working women won't be affected by this ruling. the supreme court also says it doesn't expect large corporations to follow suit and fight for the same kind of exemption. betty yu, kpix5. >> hobby lobby may not want to pay for contraception but it apparently has no problem making money off the products. according to a mother jones magazine investigation, hobby lobby's employee retirement plan has $73 million invested in companies that make contraceptives and abortion drugs. tonight president obama is fed up with house republicans. he says he's taking matters into his own hands when it comes to immigration policy. also asking >> and in this situation the
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failure of house republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, our economy and our future. >> mr. obama says he'll use his executive powers to effect change where he can. he's also asking for $2 billion to step up security at the border to send the influx of immigrant children crossing into the u.s. also tonight 300 more u.s. troops are heading to iraq in addition to the 200 troops the president already sent. the mix is to protect people working at the -- mission is to protect people working at the u.s. embassy, secure baghdad's airport and beef up military escorts. the additional troops will also be ready for combat. we all have been played. facebook has been manipulating our emotions, the supersecret social experiment revealed tonight. >> they fired their nanny, but she refused to move out, tonight she tells her side of the story a life well lived deserves a beer
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so you reach for inute like something something. fewer calories. fewer carbs. more to experience. michelob ultra. the superior light beer. are facing charges. they're seen on this surveillance video.. breaki into the governor's office washington state 2 weeks ag they sne a daring break-in caught on camera and two women seen. they're seen breaking into an unlocked window and pass up valuables, cameras, laptops. instead they go for that hat and a tribal blanket. the pair were arrested last week. the state patrol says it's reviewing its security procedures. tonight facebook exposed
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for using us as lab rats. andria borba on the social experiment that toyed with our emotions. >> reporter: here's something you probably aren't going to like, facebook messing with your emotions all in the name of research. >> they're basically turning hundreds of thousands of users into guinea pigs which we apparently agreed to when we signed up for the service. >> reporter: back in 2012 facebook adjusted the news feeds of 700,000 members to try and see if happy posts made them sadder or the opposite. it's based on the premise people get depressed watching other people's kodak moments on screen. >> they shunt be doing that at all -- shouldn't be doing that at all. i believe it's wrong to do so. happiness is personal. >> reporter: the problem, zuckerberg and company didn't ask for permission from their study subjects. they gleaned it from that terms of service page we all zoom past. >> when you're doing psychological research, you do
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need informed consent by the subjects and by clicking on that term is where we were actually giving informed consent? >> some people merely shrug their shoulders at the facebook created emotional turmoil. >> with all the marketing and advertising i guess i'm not surprised. >> i don't think they should be able to do it. >> reporter: with the data of more than 1 billion users worldwide facebook knows more about you than your mom. >> zuckerberg said there's no more privacy anymore and that is unfortunate. i believe in privacy. >> reporter: if you want your privacy back, it might be time to end your relationship with facebook. in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. >> in a statement facebook says it does research to make the content people see on facebook as relevant and engaging as possible. a big part of this is understanding how people respond to different types of content whether it's positive
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or negative in tone. a nightmare nanny, she of ared too move out -- she refused to move out when a family in southern california fired her. tonight we hear her side of the story. you won't believe what the nanny has to say for herself. >> reporter: days after we first brought you this story tonight the 64-year-old live-in nanny is speaking out for the first time. >> when i was working there, i didn't get brunch breaks. i didn't get coffee breaks -- lunch breaks. i did not get coffee breaks. i did not get any holidays. basically i was working 24-7. >> reporter: in a radio interview diane stretton said she was not fired but quit after giving 30 days' notice. she claimed she only stopped working two days because she was ill after working 90 days straight. >> they were the ones that were trying to exploit me as if i was some poor migrant worker from a foreign country. >> reporter: rob and marcella
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bracamonte hired the 64-year- old to watch the kids and help out around the house in exchange for room and board, but weeks after moving in the family says stretton stopped working claiming she had a medical condition. when they fired her, she say she refused to leave. the bracamontes declined to go on camera but had this to say a few days ago. >> i feel so helpless in the situation. i fool helpless. >> reporter: stretton says she took the job because she needed a place to stay and naught she'd only work two days a week. see -- thought she'd only work two days a week. stretton thinks she's the one that's been wronged. >> i brought a lot of my own food. the food i did get was terrible. i didn't have access to the laundry room or bathroom hardly ever. the air conditioning wasn't on. i think they're the con artists. >> the family is deeply disturbed and absolutely denies all of the statements. it's absolutely not true. >> reporter: reporting in upland rachel kim, kpix5.
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>> the family's attorney says the nanny offered to move out under certain conditions. she wants a few days to move, wants the media gone. if they are, she says she'll be out by july 4th. now she's living in her car. imagine being on a plane at cruising altitude when all of a sudden this happen. the emergency slide inflated inside a united airlines plane flying from chicago to l.a. last night. passengers took pictures of the chute inflated at the rear of the 737. many say they heard a distinctive popping noise before it lapped. >> all of a sudden you -- happened. >> all of a sudden you saw their face goes like this and heard a big bang and hiss. >> the plane made an emergency landing in kansas where passengers stayed the night and took off for l.a. this morning. nasa released images taken by its flying saucer research vehicle. the test was over the weekend. a civil teardrop shaped balloon
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lifted the vehicle high above -- silver teardrop shaped balloon lifted the vehicle lie above earth saturday. the sauce -- high above earth saturday. the saucer splashed down into hawaii. nasa used the vehicle to test new technology for future missions to mars. >> they're using that to basically slow a vehicle of the future that is heading to mars getting into the atmosphere which is about 1% as thick as ours and slow it down, so it's this big shield they were testing to see if it slowed it down properly and it kind of worked. the parachute didn't deploy properly, but other parts they were able to test and maybe some century we may get a manned mission to mars. 71 degrees in concord now, san francisco 62, 80s at 8:00 tonight in parts of the east bay. there's low cloud along the shoreline and a gauze of high cloud over the rest of the bay
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area. high pressure is still here, not as warm tomorrow as today, the numbers tumble 10 to 15 degrees inland. we've got mild weather wednesday as the sea breeze kicks in and cooler temps. tomorrow is kind of a transition day. the only thing that's not coming down is rain, the hi-def doppler not showing a drop over california. the nation gets most of its rain during the rockies over the summer and did they get it big time. in the upper midwest they had thunderstorms extending from the great lakes to iowa and the upper mississippi is flooding. they've taken more than a foot of rain in the twin cities since the beginning of the month. in the midwest cloud, no rain, freeze this at midday tomorrow. tuesday at noon looks like this, low cloud along the shoreline, let it continue to go and by tomorrow night you can see the summer-like fashion low cloud packing the coast. cool it down tomorrow, cooler wednesday, sunny through the
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weekend, overnight lows mid- 50s, in the south bay tomorrow the numbers coming down a bit in san jose, 82, east bay much better tomorrow, 91 at pittsburg, 85 walnut creek, north bay 84 san rafael, 75 mill valley, 98 at ukiah. extended forecast, cool it or tomorrow and wednesday and mid- 80s the rest of the week and a little warmer by the weekend. for weather in your neighborhood at any time download our weather app by going to be with/weather and looking for that -- going to what's next? lawrence is still a -- asleep, but he'll be here in a bit. >> want this is lime-a-way turbo power. watch lime-a-way power through this block of pure limescale! now, let's see it in action. tough hard water build-up?
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vahave dry intimate skin.ey turns out, 1 in 5 of us do. let's do something about it. new vagisil moisturizing wash. the only wash created to cleanse and moisturize dry intimate skin. vagisil. your intimate health experts. but being there for that ga- or any of them -- just got t harder. the entire first sea less than six weeks until we see the 49ers take the field at levi stadium. >> being at the stadium got a lot harder. the entire first season is sold out. the closest some of us will get, a little sneak peek tour. of course, if you don't care about sitting, there are apparently some standing room
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only tickets. >> those rooms will be packed, i'm sure. it's such a neat stadium. you have to go and see it if you have the chance. >> i haven't seen it yet, but i will be on the sideline for the preseason game, cannot wait. are the giants still in first place tonight? we've got the answer and there's no such thing as closing time for the bay area ,,
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious season, but someone else end the chanti and fava beans in detriot.. th worl ace closer sean doolittle has easted on the league this
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season, but someone else enjoyed the cava beans of detroit. a whitaker to trammel double play, remember these guys? pick it up in the 8th inning, two runs come around to score. the a's have a 4-1 lead. this is in the bank, right? not so fast. doolittle blew the save and then gave up his second walk of the season to australia enjackson to load the bases and then this -- to austin jackson to load the basis and then this. >> i'm having an old friend for dinner, bye. >> bye is right. rajai davis, a former athletic did have his team for dinner, a walkoff grand slam off doolittle. davis' first career walkoff home run easily folks the worse loss for the a's this season, but how bad is it for the san francisco giants be even when they don't play, they lose? june 8th they had a 9 1/2 game lead over the dodgers.
2:06 am
since then the dodgers have gone 15-6, the giants 4-15, ouch. now the dodgers hosting cleveland and the only run of the game came on an r.b.i. base hit by clint robinson, his first big league hit. dodgers win 1 -0. so l.a. has the outright lead in the national league west by half a game. i got a silver lining. angel pagan is supposed to come off the disabled list tomorrow. a win would put the u.s. in the quarterfinals today for the third time in history, the last time they were in, herbert hoof was in the oval office. head coach jurgen klinsmann thinks -- hoover was in the oval office. head coach jurgen klinsmann thinks soccer is finally catching on in the u.s. >> it's growing at every level and the locomotive of this is
2:07 am
the national team. we want to do well and inspire them and give them enthusiasm and belief, but then when you start that game tomorrow, you got to prove it. >> so far, so good. monday night top five. if i'm hating on the chair umpire, i'm throwing a fastball. jo-wilfried loss to novak djokovic, a bird kept john caso from batting. it's a good idea to put your feet in the bake board before you take off. held -- wake board before you take off, hello? no. 2, they call this the hot foot in major league dugout. a teammate set scott mann's foot on fire. that is how hot the dodgers are right now. back to wimbledon, a vol between the legs at the net for the winner. he beats leonardo meyer to advance in the quarterfinals to
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play andy murray. wretch hit that between his legs he was more famous -- before he hit that between his legs he was more famous for something else, dating maria sharapova, one of the most popular co,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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